Apricot Brown, LLC.

Created by Dana Drucker-Solano and her company Apricot Brown LLC, Apricot Brown ® is a character that crosses the line from non-fiction to fiction expression. Her debut title: Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable is lighting up the tween book market unlike any evolutionary character before her. Apricot Brown’s ever-changing colors and empowering voice are both a wake-up call and a tribute to very real mindset and explosive global market.

The first book in the Apricot Brown I.D. book series is just the beginning for the title character and her “be undefinable” philosophy, designed to egg on an organic approach to identity amongst tweens ages seven and up. The series is set to boost self esteem, celebrate the positive values born by embracing differences, and to ignite something far greater than tolerance: Love.

Drucker-Solano was struck with a crystal clear vision for Apricot Brown when she realized that the role model she longed for as a girl still didn’t exist. She quickly cashed in her 401k, rose funding and dove in. She discovered the artistic talent, funding and support to market and self publish her first book was all-in-her-family and never looked back.

Apricot Brown is ushering in a new decade and a new generation. “By allowing the world’s rainbow of beauty to shine through Apricot Brown, we are creating a role model for acceptance and sending a very strong message to embrace today’s multidimensional range of influences. I believe Apricot Brown will empower the world over and teach us how to celebrate ourselves with fortitude, self-confidence and fearlessness. Spreading that message is what the company is all about”, says Drucker-Solano.

However you get down… Find yourself in Apricot Brown!

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