Label Me…

Apricot Brown | August 4th, 2011 - 7:52 pm

Don't label me

I saw this while surfing. And it reminded me of how hard it can be to shed the labels others put upon us, especially when we’re on the path to self discovery. I often think about the labels I’ve worn to please or appease others and how insecure that made me feel. I’ve learned that the truest labels are the ones we create for ourselves. Nobody knows you, better than you know yourself! Labeling will never stop…which is why I created Apricot Brown:Miss Undefinable, a character who’s labels herself with major altitude. Her ever-changing set of personas, styles, cultures and philosophies are limitless, just like you. A shout out to all you boundless beauties. Label-ers… Try and confine that!

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