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Authoress Dana Drucker-Solano

Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable 

Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable is a unique hardback graphic novel inspired by the multicultural and intereligious upbringing of authoress, Dana Drucker-Solano.

Combining catchy rhymes and eye-popping 3D illustrations Dana’s debut novel ” Help children discover who they are -on the inside- through diversity” -School Libray Journal. AGES 6+

The poetic story revolves around Apricot Brown’s first day of school–a day of reckoning for most kids when they are scrutinized and judged by their new peers. But the title character dares the unthinkable: she declares her independence from homogeneous cliques and invites everyone to cross boundaries by celebrating different cultures, racial identities and philosophies through a series of metamorphoses. Like any pioneer, Apricot Brown faces opposition. Will this opposition break the spirit of her new friends, or will they outshine the “haters” by becoming, “The Undefinables” pioneers of the Remix Generation?

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Apricot’s Brown’s Closet Workshop at NYC Public Library: Mott Haven.
Workshop Descriptions here.
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