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Welcome, Parents & Educators

You are the most powerful grown-ups touching today’s youth, and we’d like to be your partner in presenting new, progressive ways of looking at and discussing identity with your children and students.

Our debut title, Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable spins identity into a debate for developing minds. The book’s unique mash-up of catchy rhymes, and vibrant 3D illustrations will win the esteem of young readers, wake up biblio-phobes and spark lively conversations about real issues facing our children and communities. Join our effort to ignite a worldwide celebration of difference! Bring Apricot Brown’s rad new view to schools and the world beyond them today!

Together we can…
Tackle bullying and discrimination
Encourage self esteem, individuality, and respect for all
Engage in candid talks
Role Play to illustrate assertive and positive behavior

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"The book is vibrant. Apricot Brown sends kids a positive message: celebrate your ethnic differences and feel empowered! I think kids will love the exciting new words in the glossary."
Paisley Gregg, educator and parent of multi-ethnic child
“This book can save a life. It’s great for self-esteem.”
Noel Hankin, parent of two multi-ethnic daughters
“My dream is for all children to have the opportunity to experience the world for themselves. In the meantime, this book provides a global perspective through Apricot Brown, who resonates with everyone.”
Gretel Denise Webster, educator
"Apricot Brown presents a wonderfully positive character that my daughters can finally relate to. She is a blend of many cultures and unique as each of us is. It was a pleasure seeing how my daughters embraced her immediately. I look forward to Apricot Brown’s next adventures…!"
Eva Obadia Bryant, parent of Ella 9 and Alice 6 ½
“Drucker-Solano and Sky Hand Zan deliver a powerful message in a funky, jazzy style that is sure to appeal to an evolving generation of strong but impressionable girls and boys at a time when the crossing all borders is more relevant than ever.”
Amy Emerman, MS. Ed, Bank St. College
"In Dana Solano’s Apricot Brown, every child is given the chance and confidence to celebrate who they are with the help of the ever changing and spirited, Apricot Brown. Dana has created a character that is adventurous, vivacious, hip, and electric. With each turn of the page children are immersed in different cultures, races, and ethnicities. They are able to see through Apricot Brown’s eyes and heart that it’s okay to be different and to embrace those differences. Through Apricot Brown, Dana teaches children that it’s wonderful and even groovy to be who you are. Apricot Brown is truly a vibrant, fearless, fun loving book. Children will want to read it again and again."
Brooke Murphy, Site Director, Empire Children's Program.
"Apricot Brown is out and about, bringing the consciousness raising truth to all of us.  We, the parents of mult-ethnic children and choices are proud of diversity.  We understand that every person is a combination of "color, culture, class, and character".  Our lives are enriched when we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.  Ms. Dana Drucker-Solano allows us to focus on just that, our uniqueness. Thank you for making us proud to be who we are.  Apricot Brown is a wonderful spokesperson for diversity.  BRAVA and KUDOS!"
Ms Lyuba Sesay, Mt. Vernon High School Assistant Principal for English Language Arts, Poet, and proud parent of two beautiful daughters of diversity.
“Apricot Brown is a joyful message about breaking the mold and celebrating who we are as a rainbow species. It’s about daring to remain undefinable while trying on different aspects of who we are, from music, to dance, to clothing, to language and being playful in a way that refuses to be pinpointed yet acknowledges the rich fabric of modern life, which we all are privy to. This is a positive message for youths, to not get stuck in letting someone else define who you are. Apricot Brown challenges us to take the lead and embrace ourselves, letting imagination and exploration pave the journey.”
Amy Emerman, MS. Ed, Bank St. College. Teacher and parent of two young girls who come from a diverse background including Irish, Afro-Cuban, Eastern European Jewish who like Apricot Brown are undefinable, but can try on whatever traditions they like and endlessly define themselves
"What an Awesome book! Apricot Brown is of the new generation. It’s hip and I recommend every boy and girl from tween to teen read this book. It changed my daughter’s life."
Shacrisha Armstead, Queens, NY. Teacher and Parent of an 8yr old